성균관대학교 건설환경공학부

Architectural and civil engineering department
July 2014 Selected as the leading university in the Metropolitan University Specialization Project (Global Construction and Engineering Specialized Experts Promotion).
March 2014 Professor Minha Choi appointed.
August 2013 Selected as a member of the BK21 Project Team.
March 2013 Established postgraduate school of Specialized Water Resource and Disaster Prevention and Safety Engineering Collaboration Course.
March 2013 Name of course changed from Ultra High-rise and Long Bridge to Global Construction and Engineering.
March 2013 Architectural and Civil Engineering Department integrated and relaunched.
Social and Environmental
  • March 2011 Professor Am Jang appointed.
  • March 2009 Professor Seung Hee Park appointed.
  • March 2009 Chair Professor Chang Sik Choi appointed.
  • March 2007 Department name changed to Social and Environmental Engineering Department.
  • March 2006 Selected as a team in the BK21 u-City Construction Human Resource Promotion Project Division (Project Division Leader: Sun Kyu Park)
  • March 2005 March 2005Engineering Education Certificate started.
  • March 2005 Integrated into Civil and Environmental Engineering Department in Engineering School.
  • March 2001 Professor Ick Tae Yeom appointed (Majoring in Environmental Engineering).
  • February 2000 Professor Jae Hwa Choi retires.
  • August 1999 Professor Hong Sik Yoon appointed (Majoring in Geodesy).
  • May 1998 First Home Coming Day opening of the Architectural, Landscaping, and Civil Engineering Department.
  • March 1998 Changed name to Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.
  • September 1997 Held Korea Earthquake Engineering Academic Conference (Hosted by the department).
  • September 1997 Professor Nak Gyung Kim appointed (Majoring in Soil and Foundation Engineering).
  • November 1996 Held Korea Concrete Society Academic Conference (Hosted by the department).
  • October 1996 Signed with Samsung Group Foundation.
  • October 1996 Combined Architectural, Landscaping and Civil Engineering Department
  • March 1996 Instituted Academia Collaboration Program Course in Graduate School (Students admitted to Master Course majoring in Environment).
  • March 1996 Graduate School of Land and Environment Information System Collaboration Course established.
  • March 1996 Gyung Hwan Choi appointed as Alumni Association President.
  • February 1996 Professor Mong Gak Jeon retires and Professor Emeritus installed.
  • February 1996 Laboratory in Environment Engineering established.
  • October 1995 Held the Coastal and Marine Engineering Conference of Korea (Hosted by the department).
  • September1995 Professor Sun Gyu Park appointed (Majoring in Structure Engineering).
  • September 1995 Professor Hyung Soo Kim appointed (Majoring in Environmental Engineering).
  • March 1995 Implemented the Second-year Panning of Alumni Fund Development.
  • March 1995 Professor Jeong Ryul Lee appointed (Majoring in Coastal and Marine Engineering).
  • March 1994 Professor Choong Sik Yu appointed (Majoring in Soil and Foundation Engineering).
  • March 1994 Professor Gwang Myung Lee appointed (Majoring in Structure Engineering).
  • March 1994 Professor Gyung Soo Jeon appointed (Majoring in Hydraulics).
  • February 1994 Moved Civil Engineering Department to Second Engineering Center
  • August1993 Professor Chi Hong Kim retires.
  • August 1992 Started awarding Alumni Scholarship in Civil Engineering Department
  • March 1992 Implemented the Alumni Scholarship Fund Development Project.
  • March 1991 Seung Soo Kim Appointed as Third Alumni Association President.
  • March 1991 Professor Mun Young Kim appointed (Majoring in Structure Engineering).
  • August 1990 Professor Hyun Muk Shin retires.
  • March 1989 Sung Woo Park appointed as Second Alumni Association President.
  • March 1989 Professor Hyun Mok Shin appointed (Majoring in Structure Engineering).
  • March 1985 125 students admitted
  • March 1985 Chang Sik Choi appointed as First Alumni Association President.
  • March 1982 Professor Jae Hwa Choi appointed (Majoring in Geodesy).
  • March 1981 Professor Byung Ho Choi appointed (Majoring in Coastal and Marine Engineering).
  • January 1981 Changed from the Second National University Selection Round to the First National University Selection Round for Admission, Graduation quota system adopted.
  • March 1980 Changed name to Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering
  • March 1979 First classes opened in Suwon Campus for sophomore, junior, and senior students.
  • September 1972 Professor Hyun Muk Shin appointed (Majoring in Structure Engineering).
  • March 1972 Professor Mong Gak Jeon appointed and inaugurated as Head of the Department.
    (Majoring in Soil and Foundation Engineering)
  • March 1970 Professor Geung Ryul Oh appointed as Head of the Department.
  • March 1970 First freshmen selected as per department (30 students)
  • December 1969 Newly established Civil Engineering Department approved
Architectural Engineering Department
  • February 2012 Professor Dong Geun Lee retires.
  • June 2006 Professor Soon Wook Kwon appointed (Majoring in Building Automation).
  • March 2005 Professor Chul Soo Park appointed (Majoring in Building Facility).
  • April 2004 Professor Doo Sam Song appointed (Majoring in Architectural Environment).
  • March 2003 Two research projects selected in the Second Brain Korea (BK) 21.
  • March 2003 Architecture Department separated from Architectural Engineering Department and newly established.
  • February 2003 Professor Taek Jin Kwon retires.
  • March 2002 Professor Sang Yoon Jin appointed (Majoring in Construction Management).
  • March 2001 Professor Jeong Yoon Lee appointed (Majoring in Reinforced Concrete).
  • February 2001 Professor Dae Sung Cho retires.
  • February 1999 Professor Yong Bu Kim retires.
  • August 1999 Two research projects selected in the First Brain Korea (BK) 21.
  • August 1998 First Master Graduate in Industry and Science Graduate School.
  • March 1998 Professor Jin Goo Kim appointed (Majoring in Structural Design).
  • March 1996 Industry and Science Graduate School opened (Construction Engineering Department: Majoring in Architectural Engineering).
  • March 1995 Professor Ye Sang Kim appointed (Majoring in Construction Management).
  • August 1994 Professor Dong Geun Lee appointed (Majoring in Steel Structure/Seismic Design).
  • February1994 Professor Seung Bok Lee appointed (Majoring in Architectural Environment and Facility).
  • March 1986 Professor Sang Hae Lee appointed (Majoring in Architectural History).
  • March 1982 Professor Chang Bok Im appointed (Majoring in Architectural Design).
  • March 1980 Professor Taek Jin Kwon appointed (Majoring in Architectural Structure).
  • March 1980 Professor Dae Sung Cho appointed (Majoring in Urban Planning).
  • February 1986 First Ph.D. Graduate in Graduate School.
  • March 1981 Ph.D. Course opened in Graduate School.
  • February 1976 First Master Graduate in Graduate School.
  • March 1974 Master's Course opened in Graduate School.
  • February 1974 First Undergraduates (41 students).
  • October 1973 First Architecture Exhibition held.
  • March 1972 Professor Yong Bu Kim appointed (Majoring in Architectural Structure).
  • March 1971 Professor Il Ju Yoon appointed (Majoring in Architectural Planning).
  • March 1970 First Admission of Freshmen - selected as per department (30 students admitted).
  • February 1969 Architectural Engineering Department newly established in School of Engineering.
  • September 1946 Incorporated Foundation Sungkyunkwan University founded (First Dean Teacher Chang Sook Kim).
  • September 1945 Myung Ryun College founded
  • 1895 Modern Education System established in terms of Curriculum System.
  • September 1398 Sungkyunkwan established by King Taejo of Joseon in the 7th year.