성균관대학교 건설환경공학부

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The Architectural and Civil Engineering Department at
Sungkyunkwan University comprises the best faculty in South Korea
that provides education in construction and civil areas,
which are two typical infrastructure industries.

Boasting 50 years of history since being founded in 1969, the Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering Departments (Social and Environmental System Engineering Department) have been combined since 2013 and now operate as one department. We have produced a number of talented graduates who play a critical role in building-related societies in Korea.

Our academic area includes planning, design, construction, and maintenance of a variety of facilities such as cities, construction buildings, social infrastructures, and national land development, which are essential to our daily living. They are now reborn as a collection of state-of-the-art technologies, as opposed to societal awareness of old and past industries. Our Architectural and Civil Engineering Department spares no effort to provide talented and creative graduates who have the most up-to-date knowledge that enables them to keep pace with technological changes. Consequently, it has been recognized as not only the nation's best education and research hub, its programs are also internationally acclaimed.

Architectural and Civil Engineering are academic areas that can be endlessly advanced as long as humanity exists. Furthermore, a variety of opportunities and a bright future that exceeds your imagination await you. Our faculty is ready to make your dreams come true. Plan your future and achieve your dreams at the Architectural and Civil Engineering Department at Sungkyunkwan University.

Head of Architectural and Civil Engineering Department at Sungkyunkwan University

Choong Sik Yu